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We adopt a zero tolerance policy for use of illegal drugs or dietary supplements used for performance enhancement. For more information, click on our Anti-Doping page.

Yoga is a primary training discipline for On Mark Sports. Yoga empowers the body and invigorates the soul.  Unlike other forms and styles of exercises, yoga is not just the exercise of the body. It tones-up the mind as well. Along with the outer body parts, yoga takes care of the inner organs through the use of deep breathing, stretching and toning techniques.  The main objective of yoga practice is to create a lilting harmony between the mind, body, and the spirit.  

Breathing properly - When was the last time you took a deep breath?  In order to breathe properly you need to breathe deeply into your abdomen, not just your chest. The voluntary holding of air in the lungs used throughout this exercise was believed to cleanse the system of impurities and give strength is a misnomer. Breathing exercises should be deep, slow, rhythmic, and through the nose, not through the mouth. The most important part of deep breathing is regulating your breaths for three to four seconds in, and three to four seconds out.  Breathing correctly is not only important for living longer but also to have a good mood and keep performing at your best. 

Proper breathing detoxifies and releases Toxins.  It releases tension, relaxes the mind/body and brings clarity.  Proper breathing relieves emotional problems and relieves pain.  Breathing massages your organs, increases the muscles in your body, strengthens the immune system and improves posture.  Breathing improves the quality of the blood, increases digestion and assimilation of food. Proper breathing improves the nervous system, strengthens the lungs and makes the heart stronger. Lastly, proper breathing assists in weight management boosts energy levels, improves stamina, cellular regeneration and elevates one’s mood.  OUR CENTER THOUGHT...Take a deep breath and say, "Our Power and Success are Within."


Our General Conditioning program is for youth in all sports, dance and fitness disciplines. This training program affords athletes the opportunity to get their overall fitness levels up to par before focusing on sports-specific training.   

Our Sports specific training programs focus on the athlete's weakness in the areas of speed, agility and flexibility.

We strengthen and condition imbalanced muscle groups which may be "under" or "over" recruited in certain sports in an efforts to prevent injures. Athletes need to incorporate cross training to create muscle confusion to foster improvement.

Many football, basketball, soccer and volleyball players have worked with us in the off-season and find they return to their team sports with stronger developed skills.


We teach our athletes to fuel their bodies with proper nutrition, get proper rest and health exams. To ensure that athletes are educated on nutrition and wellness, we outline the importance of healthy food and lifestyle choices.We do not advocate the use of performance enhancing drugs or banned supplements. A balanced diet, multivitamin, plenty of water and sleep are essential for overall health.


We are fortunate to have a expert medical team and health professionals to support the needs of our athletes. Thank you to Dr. Marco Belizaire of Agape Chiropractic & Wellness, Dr. Zeudian Coleman of Z Chiro Med Spa, and Gary Tavares of Tavares Wellness (Massage Therapy) and many others.

Sports Specific Training

Fall and Spring Training Programs

The Fall and Spring Training Programs are our central focus at On Your Mark Sports. We believe in the "year round" approach and develop our athletes and seasonal programming around training periodization cycles to ensure a complete general conditioning,  cross training, pre-competition, performance peaking, post competition, rest/recovery and regeneration platform.  We find our athletes suffer less mental burnout and injuries when the training cycles are spread over time with adequate recovery rather than crammed into few weeks.

Health & Wellness