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Rick Holloway serves as a motivational Life Coach and mentor for On Your Mark Sports. Rick is instrumental in helping our athletes translate their goals into action.

A native of Stuttgart, Arkansas Rick learned the importance of high academic standards at a very early age from his parents who were both educators.
Throughout his secondary school education, Rick excelled in football, basketball, tennis, and track. Unfortunately, his dreams obtaining a football scholarship and playing in the NFL were derailed when he was sidelined with a shoulder injury his entire senior year of high school. Holding out hope that some positive news would come from the doctors, Mr. Holloway had to realize his football days were over and he decided to go to college and focused on his academics.  As an honors graduate of the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, Rick majored Communications, made the National Deans List, and was elected to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges in 1993. Upon graduating in 1993, Rick went to work for a Fortune 100 company and excelled in various positions in corporate America.  He received many awards including top sales person of the year and a top award for his work as a project manager for a vinyl siding program that produced over $300 million in sales in 18 months.  
In 2009, Rick began his to work in his passion as a career counselor.  He quickly noticed the biggest challenge he faced was connecting with his clients in a 15 to 30 minute coaching session and making enough of an impact in their lives to provoke them to change their mediocre thinking and replace it with successful strategies to create productive outcomes and change their lives for the better.  He started his own organization and Inifinity Success Systems was born. Within months, Rick started seeing clients making better grades, receiving better paying jobs, and receiving recognition for outstanding performances. Today, Rick is a renowned success coach, author, consultant, and speaker; and Chief Operating Officer of Infinity Success Systems. Infinity Success Systems trains individuals how to perform at peak levels in the classroom, sports, businesses and motivates people to find their passion and pursue it as a career.   Infinity Success Systems has helped hundreds of people from different backgrounds and education levels break through their mediocre thought processes and tap into their truest potential.

In his upcoming book titled, “I Have Graduated, Now What?”, Rick talks about strategies that have helped him and hundreds of others reach goals and successful points in their lives.  Whether the reader is a freshman in high school or reaching retirement age, the content of this book makes the reader truly think about what they really desire in life.  It also helps the reader start asking themselves tough questions, which deserve honest answers, so they can start identifying their passion and pursuing it as a career knowing their desired results will happen. 

Whether the setting is on a high school or college campus, a convention or special event, or a corporate training, Mr. Holloway’s audience is impacted to be empowered, motivated, and inspired to start making the necessary changes to their thinking to create corresponding actions to produce their desired results.  If you would like to book Mr. Holloway for a speaking engagement, you can contact his office at 404-337-4348 or visit www.infinitysuccesssystems.com, complete the booking information and someone in his office will respond to you promptly.